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In this class, recorded during the virtual Cookiexpo™ Convention, a 2-day live stream event with hands-on classes taught on January 23rd and 24th, 2021, you will learn the step-by-step process of creating an adorable hand-painted cookie on royal icing.

Join me and Babou, a lovely puppy! I will teach you how to trace the image onto the iced cookie and how to realistically paint 4 paws buddies. You could test your skills as a cookie artist and make a sweet tribute to your best furry friend.




  • Enjoy lifetime access to this class at your own pace
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Learn by watching videos and reading the lessons
  • Recorded online class with Zoom
  • Students can comment and ask questions in each lesson
  • Receive a lovely digital certificate


  • Cookie dough & royal icing recipes
  • How to trace the illustration onto cookies
  • Color Theory (Decide which paint to use for cookies, learn to mix colors, steps in making a painting)
  • Paintbrush handling, painting, and blending techniques


  • No previous cookie decorating experience is needed
  • Willingness to practice cookie techniques
  • A list of materials and tools is included with the class
  • A stand mixer will be necessary
  • Internet connection to view the lessons
  • Language: English



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Aixa Zunino es el corazón y alma de Dolce Sentire, un rincón virtual de dulzura y creatividad dedicado a la decoración de galletas. En su web, esta ingeniera agrícola y decoradora autodidacta deja su imaginación volar, compartiendo todo lo que ha aprendido desde que descubriera el mundo de las cookies a principio de 2012 y combina esta actividad con clases presenciales a lo largo y ancho del mundo. Aixa ha colaborado como profesora habitual en el sitio Cookie Connection de Julia M. Usher, donde ha compartido todos los secretos para hacer galletas de ensueño y también en numerosas publicaciones de repostería creativa, como Pasteles de Ensueño, Cake Masters Magazine, Cake! Magazine, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft o Edible Artists Network Magazine, entre otras. En 2017, Aixa se unió al equipo de Global Sugar Artists Network, como Manager Regional para Latinoamérica, fue galardonada como Educadora del año 2016 en Cookie Connection y recibió reconocimiento con el Golden Award por la colaboración Australia 2017 otorgada por la Australian Cake Artists & Decorators Association - ACADA Durante dos años consecutivos (2016 y 2017), Dolce Sentire ha sido merecedora de sendas nominaciones como finalista en la categoría de Cookies para los prestigiosos premios Cake Masters Magazine Awards, consiguiendo el galardón finalmente como Mejor Galletera en 2017. Ya en 2018, Aixa comienza una nueva andadura profesional en su academia virtual Cookie Academy en donde enseña el arte de hacer galletas que emocionan a todas sus seguidoras y amantes de las cookies. ♡ ♡ ♡ Aixa Zunino is the heart and soul of Dolce Sentire, a virtual corner of sweetness and creativity dedicated to cookie decorating. On her site, this garden engineer and self-taught decorator, let her imagination fly, sharing everything she has learned since discovering the world of cookies in early 2012. She combines this activity with in-person classes around the world, including Spain (her current home). Aixa has collaborated as a regular contributor on Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Connection, where she shared all the secrets to getting dreamy cookies and she has also contributed to major Spanish and international sugarcraft publications such as Pasteles de Ensueño, Cake Masters Magazine, Cake! Magazine, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft or Edible Artists Network Magazine. For two consecutive years (2016 and 2017), Dolce Sentire has been honored with a nomination as a finalist in the Cookie Category for the Cake Masters Magazine Awards. She's been awarded finally in 2017 with the Cookie Award In 2017, she also joined the team of Global Sugar Artists Network, as Latin America Regional Manager and she has been also awarded the Educator of the Year (2016) at Cookie Connection and she also received award recognition with the Gold Award-Collaboration Australia 2017 given by the Australian Cake Artists & Decorators Association - ACADA The last year 2018, Aixa starts a new professional adventure in her Cookie Academy, an online school where she teaches the art of cookie decorating to all the cookie lovers around the world.

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